Cash From Structured Settlement

Individuals who would like to get cash from structured settlement claims they own can do so, in most cases. There are some limitations on where this can be done, what amount can be obtained and which circumstances are allowable, but in most areas, you are able to cash in your structured settlement for a one… Read More »

What is a Structured Settlement?

  Many people want to know, “what is a structured settlement?” There are actually two reasons for wanting to know. Some individuals want to know what this is because they want to invest in them. Others are hoping to learn what they are because they have been offered one in a settlement for a case… Read More »

Lump Sum Settlements

  Lump Sum Settlements . Many individuals are concerned about lump sum settlements. Are these good things? The fact is, if an individual is in need of a larger sum of money from their settlement they have two options. First, they can wait years for the funds to actually be sent to them through the settlement… Read More »

Structured Settlement Buyout

Structured Settlement Buyout A structured settlement buyout is a process of buying out the settlement that an individual is holding and collecting payments on. The buyout process happens when the settlement owner decides that they would rather have a lump sum payment for their settlement instead of having to wait a long time to receive… Read More »

Structured Settlement Cash

Structured Settlement Cash If you have structured settlement cash coming in from cashing in your settlement, what ill you do with it? Those funds are often a large sum of money and for many people, they can mean a great break in the work grind. Of course, in most instances where this is needed, the… Read More »

Annuity Advice

Annuity Advice In an uncertain economy, everyone in the nation planning for retirement can use some amount of certainty when planning for retirement.  Private annuities are not utilized as often as they should be and provide a certain income in an uncertain time.  By funding the annuity with a lump sum or monthly payments, you… Read More »

The negative aspects of structured settlement

The negative aspects of structured settlement The negative aspects of structured settlement some times discourage claimants to approach courts. For instance, once you get to agree about the periodic payment, you have to abide by the terms and settlement and you cannot deviate yourself. Therefore, considering the advice of a good attorney and tax advisor… Read More »

history of Structured settlement

history of Structured settlement   The history of structured settlement is almost two decade old and the lump sum payment was the only method available until the introducing of periodic payment. Congress enacted laws by giving tax breaks for all the tort victims with a view to safe guard the financial security of the claimants.… Read More »