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Audio to Text for WhatsApp Transcriber Translator Apk Download

com axelvincent transcriber

nblg stp com axelvincent transcriberDid you obtain voice messages on WhatsApp but you had been no longer capable of listen to them? Do you desire a few voice messages were shorter? With this app you may convert them to text and realize in seconds what your pals are saying, irrespective of in which scenario you are. 
How does it paintings?
Open app, press on WhatsApp icon. 
Forward an audio Message 
Get transcript (it car-detects the language of the voice note)

Want to apply the app as speech or voice typing ?
Convert your own voice message into textual content and percentage it with your contacts. 
It’s voice typing in over 20 languages inside WhatsApp! Just ship a voice word to the bot and it will write it down for you.

The era is furnished through writethisfor.Me, the main WhatsApp transcription bot. 

We help:
English, Modern Standard/Gulf Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Portugese, German, Korean, French, Dutch, Farsi, Mandarin, Italian, Turkish, Malay, Tamil, Telugu, Indonesian, Welsh English, Scottish English, Irish English, Australian English, Swiss German, Brazilian Portugese.

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