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Free Alice Legends

com bhe alicelegends

blg stp com bhe alicelegendsIn Alice Legends you will rescue adorable animals and help to rebuild Wonderland! Take the fight to the nefarious Queen of Hearts who’s corrupting creatures and destroying Wonderland!

Beautiful photos and an immersive storybook experience make for a relaxing recreation in which you could unwind.

Simple however unique card gameplay which is both hard and addictive. Make runs and units from the cards to assault the enemies and win battles.

Collect adorable creatures every as fantastical as the following who then assist you within the battles towards the Queen of Hearts!

Restore Wonderland lower back to its former glory and you’ll discover memories in no way earlier than advised! PLUS you get to enhance it the way you want to!

Play Alice Legends for FREE, with non-obligatory in-recreation items for purchase. You can turn off the price feature via disabling in-app purchases on your devices settings.

Climb down the rabbit hole, and if you like what you spot then follow us:

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Discord: https://discord.Gg/JJD9YQQ

We wish you like our game as tons as we revel in making it. If you have got any questions or problems please touch us: [email protected]

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