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Doodle God Idle Click Simple Apk Download

com azurgames idle

nblg stp com azurgames idleEver puzzled what it become want to be god? Grow your very own dream oasis. Open chests and grow seeds! Evolve them into some thing bigger like clouds or bushes. Earn gemstones and crystals, enlarge your island’s borders, and studies new herbal phenomena!

capabilities of doodle god idle:
god clicker! The whole international depends upon you!
merge factors and create new ones. Take your select and decide the way you want to evolve!
simple interface and intuitive controls! Click on the screen and start evolving!

enterprise community:
facebook: https://www. Fb. Com/azurgamesofficial
instagram: https://www. Instagram. Com/azur_games
youtube: https://www. Youtube. Com/azurinteractivegames

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