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Free Can’ u – Sex Game challenges for couple

nblg stp com canuapp appThe utility in order to boost your sex existence

(lgbt content to be had)

current recipient of a sextech france award, canu will spice up your nights and push your limits. The concept is unique and easy: venture your accomplice to a sexy dare without even knowing what naughtiness youre getting your self into.

a sexy little marvel might be waiting for you, but you wont understand when, wherein or how it’ll occur. This leaves the challenger putting in deliciously exciting suspense and the undertaking receiver with an entire concoction of wild ideas, including a actual spicy twist to each your sex lives.

you will best find out what the assignment you despatched was once your associate has finished it, after which youll see if he or she is crazy enough to go through with those wacky dares. Your accomplice can then turn the tables and send you a dare in return.

canu has created nearly one thousand unique sexy dares, to fit all sorts of extraordinary tastes and desires. Even though the challenger has no concept what theyre asking for, by no means fear! They could nevertheless choose from seven distinctive categories to ensure the sort of dare fits their goals.

romantic or naughty, to turn up the heat a touch. Hot or particularly warm, for orgasmically pleasing surprises. Severe, for couples who need to break the policies. Role play, to create a laugh and erotic eventualities for each different. And a unique even as away category to maintain the flame alive for couples living apart.
no need to feel responsible – you dont even recognise what dare youre sending. However we assure youll enjoy it.

so, do you dare?

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