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Free MiniTube – Minimizer for Video Tube

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MiniTube – Minimizer for Video Tube amp; Free Music is made to help million of track fanatics can reach hundreds of thousands of high quality video.

With the historical past player (Minimize Player in background) you could use different apps at the same time as you keep listening to free song

The predominant functions of MiniTube:
• Collection of trending films
• Watch movies with out interrupted by using stressful video commercials
• Add motion pictures to playlists with out login
• Switch video exceptional, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p
• Endless song streaming
• Closed captioning
• Search films, channels and playlists
• Access and supervisor your channel

———— FEATURES ——————

Minimized Background Player
on this mode, the app is minimized and the video to your phone or tablet is displayed in a small window inside the background. So you may preserve the use of your tool even as you listen to song

– Distribute song fashion according to each u . S . A ..
– Manage many type of tune on your coming across.
– Design friendly interface which is simple to control, we are able to add any favorite music into your watch-list or play-list or take away them easily.

– Search satisfactory songs and playlists in line with your requirement.
– Add searched tune into watchlist or playlist as well as cast off them effortlessly.
– Reminiscent of ten keywords from latest looking.

– Use the satisfactory player to play video.
– Optimal participant to revel in and experience song within the nice way.
– Choose any songs that you can see from your interface to prompt the player.

– Videos are added unlimitedly into the watchlist.
– Sort video consistent with adding date into watchlist, period, title.
– Search added musics from watchlist.
– Allow to add many favored songs into any playlist.

– Playlists are created and controlled unlimitedly.
– Add extra films into playlist from watchlist.

– When playing the tune, the video must constantly be seen.
– The app does NOT provide the possibility to down load or keep video or audio documents.

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