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myPaddi Apk Download

com mobicure mypaddi

nblg stp com mobicure mypaddiMypaddi is an app thats helps you discover super insights on sex, contraceptives, abuse, fitness and the entirety in between and benefit exceptional insights with ever geared up counsellors on standby to have a tendency in your pressing and unanswered questions.

some of its functions are :

the zone
interact and percentage whats in your mind with younger human beings everywhere in the world on everything about sex and health…

secure days calculator
know your secure days and your slay days. Discover ways to calculate your safe days to prevent undesirable being pregnant using the facts you offer…

sexual abuse
be enlightened on sexual abuse in all its various bureaucracy and how to get help when essential. Understand what rape is, what to do if youve been raped, what occurs inside the emergency room, what emergency birth control is and a way to heal

my diary
report your deepest thoughts, feelings, reports, and reviews. Be confident of discretion and privateness as you express your self without a holds barred…

hiv/aids insights
all you want to understand about hiv and aids: how you can contract it, the way to save you it, its signs, and a way to manipulate it well…

contraceptive use
learn all you want to know approximately contraceptives which include the benefits and a way to use the special strategies of birth control.

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