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Password Manager – SAVE

com trendmicro directpass phone

nblg stp com trendmicro directpass phoneProtect your data with Trend Micro™ Password Manager. It secures your passwords and touchy information with the strongest encryption strategies available. Try it unfastened for 30 days.

Billions of usernames and passwords have been leaked on line, such as the non-public consumer statistics from a number of the maximum popular social networking websites. Trend Micro™ Password Manager was created by using our safety experts to defend your passwords and personal information.

You can accurately sign into your favorite websites or access your personal information and can hold all varieties of personal information thoroughly, together with passwords for apps and games.

Password Manager includes:

Local Mode – Use Password Manager with out developing a Trend Micro Account

Bookmark – Saves the usernames and passwords of your preferred websites in Password Manager after which you could sign in with just one click on

ID Security* – Reduce your danger of identification robbery and account take over attacks by tracking your on line accounts for leaks at the dark internet

Passcard Memo – Copy and paste your username and password to sign in quickly

Secure Notes and vault – Protects now not just your passwords, but additionally your other private statistics in a safe, easy to get right of entry to place

Password Doctor – Notifies you if you have susceptible or replica passwords

Password Generator– Creates strong passwords in seconds, so your passwords cannot be decrypted through hackers the use of brute pressure strategies

Chrome App Assistant – Allows you to apply Chrome to register with passwords saved in Password Manager

Fingerprint release – Opens Password Manager with a touch of your finger

Smart Security – Locks your passwords mechanically when you are away from your device

Cloud Sync – Backs up and syncs your facts anywhere you’re

Search – Finds your passwords without difficulty and fast
In this age of digital safety, everyone wants to have a manner to have peace of mind on the subject of their important statistics. Trend Micro™ Password Manager allows you to relaxed your information so you can have the self belief that your passwords and important statistics is encrypted and secure from hackers.

Password Manager lets you securely add your passwords while you operate them. Once they may be introduced, they may be encrypted and to be had to you whenever you want them. All you need to access them is your Master Password. Please observe Trend Micro does no longer store your Master Password. Your statistics stays underneath your manage, and Trend Micro can’t decrypt your records. Using Password Manager lets in you to make certain your privateness and protection when you are at the Internet, on all of your gadgets.

Password Manager includes the Secure Notes function, in which you may shop text facts this is vital to you. Secure Notes are encrypted so that you can save records like PINs, protection codes, and other notes. Secure Notes also are stored within the cloud, and can be accessed anywhere together with your gadgets that have Password Manager set up.

If you want new passwords, use Password Generator to create sturdy passwords that Password Manger can store for you.

Back up and sync your records wherever you are the usage of Cloud Sync. Password Manager works in your gadgets, so that you can experience seamless get entry to on your facts, on every occasion and anyplace.

Password Manager partners with enterprise leading chance protection professionals to make sure that your facts is well-covered. You can count on having a more secure place for your digital records, and use your comfy information whilst you want it, whether or not it’s far on a cell device or at domestic. By safeguarding your data, Password Manager offers you the self belief to paintings and play inside the virtual international.

*Note: ID Security characteristic is best available for clients who buy through the app store or buy eligible Trend Micro protection products.

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